The All-Russian State Centre for Quality and Standardization of Veterinary Drugs and Feed ("VGNKI")

Clinical and Diagnostic Center

The Clinical and Diagnostic Center of the FSFI «VGNKI» carries out testing of animals as well as veterinary diagnostic laboratory work, using molecular genetic, immunological and bacteriological methods for detection of the broad range of causative agents of viral, bacterial and fungal animal infections.

For the first time in Russia (since 2005) the FSFI «VGNKI» obtained and annually confirms the international accreditation in the European Union for the definition of antirabic antibodies in the blood serum of animals (dogs, cats, home ferrets) to control effectiveness of vaccination against rabies in accordance with the international standards set forth in Regulation (EC) № 998/2003.

The FSFI «VGNKI» is a sole body in Russia which has a permanent accreditation for the definition of rabies antibody titer: in Taiwan, the Republic of South Africa (since 2006) and in Japan (since 2007).
Unlike other Russian laboratories the FSFI «VGNKI» has a considerable scientific and technical base, carries out a significant scientific work in the field of studying animal infectious pathology. The FSFI “VGNKI” is the leader in the national veterinary science in implementation of the new developments into veterinary laboratory practice.

The diagnostics of hereditary diseases of pets is also among priorities of the Clinical and Diagnostic Center of the FSFI «VGNKI» as the use of molecular genetic technologies provides us with a capacity of an accurate diagnosis (up to the level of the genome, chromosome and gene mutations) at the early stages (pre-clinical manifestations). Automation of the existing as well as development of the innovative approaches to the study of animal hereditary diseases allow us to define the disease etiology and to exclude an animal from breeding activities.

During the years of successful work, the Center has acquired a large number of loyal customers and cooperates with a number of veterinary clinics. Besides, FSFI «VGNKI» provides a broad range of services to organizations such as "Circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard", "Circus on Vernadsky", "Theatre of Illusion", "Rosgostsirk", "Moscow Zoo", laboratory animal breeding FIBC RAS, Research and Development Mitoinzhenerii MSU, International Biotechnology Center Generium etc. Our services are consistently used by great number of cat and dog breeders and private zoos.
All researches are conducted using latest generation diagnostic equipment that allows us to provide not only high quality of laboratory diagnosis at the level of the modern world standards.
The FSFI «VGNKI» hosts highly skilled research staff, most of them with PhD degree. Their scientific papers on infectious and hereditary pathology of domestic animals are published in leading peer-reviewed national and foreign journals.