The All-Russian State Centre for Quality and Standardization of Veterinary Drugs and Feed ("VGNKI")

Laboratory Equipment

Over the last decade the equipment of the Department of Feed and Food Safety of the FSFI VGNKI has been significantly upgraded at all levels.

The Department has received a significant amount of measuring facilities: liquid and gas chromatographs with ultraviolet, fluorescence, electronic grabbing and flame-ionization detection of atomic absorption spectrometers, spectrometers, immunoferment analyzers, refractometers, polarimeters, Ph –meters, technical and analytical counter balances, autosamplers and others. The choice was made in favor of the most credible producers in the analytical equipment market such as Waters, Agilent, Variant (Nowadays-Agilent), AB Sciex, Bruker, Shimadzu and others.

Certainly, the most important task is to start the usage of the most advanced multi-dimensional mass-spectrometry systems, which are very expensive and unique for our country, e.g. mass-spectrometers of AB Sciex – a triple quadrupole of API5000 and triple quadrupoles with the ionic trap of QTRAP4000 and 5500, a triple quadrupole of TSQ Vantage of Thermo, the mass-spectrometer with the inductive and connected plasma 820MS of Bruker interfaced to superefficient liquid chromatographs of quadrupole and time-of-flight mass-spectrometers of a high-res Maxis (Bruker) and Xevo (Waters), and also chromotographic system for determination of resistant organic contaminants on the basis of the magnetic and sector mass-spectrometer of a high-res Autospec. These facilities are used to perform the main tasks in the framework of the State monitoring of animal products.

The Department has purchased new working tables with a coating, resistant to caustic substances, and powerful air-handling units. A number of units for sample preparation including both separate modules: various grinders, shakers, homogenizers, ultrasonic baths, rotor and vacuum concentrators, evaporators in current of nitrogen, devices for receipt of the deionized water, thermostats and microwave ovens, etc., and the whole systems for sample preparation in the automatic mode, e.g. extractors ASE 200 and 350 produced by Dionex.

The equipment installed in the Department allows us to perform streaming mode analysis of a large number of samples on various groups of substances, beginning with classical components and contaminants of feed and feed additives (vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, sugars, mycotoxins, etc.), with special attention devoted to the high-sensitivity and accurate analysis of residues in food, which is difficult from the methodological point of view, (practically all families of veterinary antibacterial, anti-protozoan, anti-fungal drugs as well as hormonal and other growth promoters) up to the determination of toxic equivalents of POPs in food of animal origin, which is one of the current scientific trends worldwide.