The All-Russian State Centre for Quality and Standardization of Veterinary Drugs and Feed ("VGNKI")

Main Activity

The Department of Feed and Food Safety of FSFI “VGNKI’’ systematically implements a public policy in the field of quality assurance of animal drugs and feed, and veterinary safety of animal and plant products in order to protect animal and human health from diseases, common for human and animal, in the territory of the Russian Federation.

FSFI “VGNKI’’ carries out a safety effectiveness control on the following products, circulating in the territory of the Russian Federation:

- preventive, diagnostic and medicinal veterinary drugs as well as drugs used for animal reproduction;

- vitamins, enzymes, premixes, probiotics and feed;

- feed additives including GM-containing ones.

Diseases Diagnostic and Prevention

- Research laboratories of FSFI “VGNKI” regularly provide molecular diagnostics of animal diseases, viruses and contaminants.

- The center deposits and maintains the national culture collection, which contains strains (bacteriums, viruses, fungis, chlamys, rickettsias and others), used for production and control of veterinary drugs and meant for industry, scientific research or veterinary training and education.

- In addition to this FSFI “VGNKI” develops optimal maintenance systems as well as storage and selection methods for the strains.

Certification and Monitoring

- The center certifies enterprises, processing shops and testing laboratories, engaged in veterinary drugs production, control and sell-off.

- FSFI “VGNKI” carries out registration and certification testing of both Russian and foreign veterinary drugs, meant to be used in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Innovations and Development

- At least 10 methods for ensuring products safety are developed annually under the supervision of the Rosselkhoznadzor.

- FSFI “VGNKI” is authorized as the coordinator of the interlaboratory proficiency testing (provider certificate 01.039 of 09.12.2013) thus allowing affiliated laboratories to confirm their technical competence in the field of veterinary research.

- The voluntary certification system “Vet-Expert”, developed for the veterinary specialists (registration number RSS RU.1130.04 GL0 from 14.11.2013), allowed us to make a data base containing competent veterinary specialists and experts.

- The organization for accreditation of testing laboratories was established in FSFI ''VGNKI'' (through the agreement between the Federal Agency for accreditation and expert organization of FSFI ''VGNKI'' of 23.10.2013). It allows us to make an assessment of both veterinary and testing laboratories in order to confirm their competence in compliance assessment.

- VGNKI is authorized for accreditation of measurement techniques and metrological expert review of documentation, what allows the Department to perform a confirmation of necessary metrological requirements and measurements.

- The Institute provides the Rosselkhoznadzor laboratories with an assistance on the issues relating to the national and international accreditation, coordination of activities in the framework of cooperation with Codex Alimentarius, metrological support of Rosselkhoznadzor laboratories.

- In the coming years it is planned to create optimal conditions of strains maintenance and make them national standard samples.